1. Update 5 days server test Tue Jan 19, 2021 9:39 am

    Hello Flyffers!
    Gala Lab will proceed to a server test starting Wednesday 27th January 08:00 UTC to Sunday 31st January 16:00 UTC. :eat:
    That will be the occasion to test the game if you missed the Closed Beta Test! 8-)
    Of course beta testers who want to join will recover their characters, and it is still time to reach level 40 to claim a CBT reward.
    Developers will inform you on time of modalities regarding the Guild Siege and other events.
    If you don't already have an account you can register here: ucp.php?mode=register
    See you in game! :)

  2. Event Last hours of the Closed Beta Test Wed Dec 30, 2020 1:36 pm

    - Undying mode in PvE
    - Unlimited MP
    - Unlimited FP
    - Unlimited Combo
    - +20% Attack
    - Upgrades and piercings are 100% successful
    - No key required to leave Kebaras
    - 5000 additional CASH
    - Cancelled the join guild cooldown
    - Monsters can be attacked even if you are not in same Party
    - Monsters can attack in town
    Shade, Bubble and Iblis will be present in Sain City in 30 minutes! ;)

  3. Update Last days of Closed Beta Test! Mon Dec 28, 2020 3:25 pm

    Dear players,
    The Closed Beta Test server will close on Wednesday 30th December 2020, 16:00 UTC.
    We just made last CBT Cash Shop rotation: you can test Party Red Scroll, Acceleration Fuel and Scroll of Holy :)
    Do not miss last Guild Siege on Wednesday 30th Dec. 12:00 UTC.
    Admins will be present in game starting Wednesday 30th Dec. 14:00 UTC for invasion events! :evil:
    Here are the common questions and answers that you are frequently asking:
    - Will all characters be deleted on end of CBT? Yes all character data will be deleted.
    - Will the Discord close after the CBT? No it has been decided to let the Discord open.
    - When will the game open again? How many servers? Which regions and languages? We don't have the information yet. You will be notified on the Discord as soon as we have new information to communicate. You can expect at least several months of waiting before the release.
    Thank you for your support and enthusiasm! See you in game the last day! ;)

  4. Update Last Guild Siege changes Fri Dec 25, 2020 10:56 am

    Dear players,
    The following changes are applied to Guild Siege:
    - 10 lives per player (including first spawn)
    - Line up reduced to 10 minutes
    - Maintenance reduced to 7 minutes
    - Preparation in arena reduced to 3 minutes
    - Fight increased to 30 minutes
    Do not miss last Guild Sieges on Saturday 26th Dec. 17:00 UTC and Wednesday 30th Dec. 12:00 UTC.
    We wish you Happy Holidays! ;)

  5. Event Happy Holidays CBT events Wed Dec 23, 2020 4:41 pm

    Happy Holidays CBT events! :D
    Night fever - x1.5 drop when it is night in game!
    Happy Holidays - Santa lost his Red Socks! Can you drop them from the monsters? [Mayor of Flarine] will exchange 10 Red Socks and 50,000 penyas for a Rock-Paper-Scissors coupon. You can then use the coupons to play with [Rock Scissor Paper NPC] Demian in Flarine! Prices are:
    1 win - 1x Heart Cracker - Makes a giant heart with I LOVE YOU written on it appear
    2 wins - 1x Wings of an Angel - Gives a character golden wings for 2 minutes
    3 wins - 2x Giant Aibatt Trans - Transform into a Giant Aibatt for 5 minutes
    4 wins - 3x Shout of Blood - x2 HP Recovery per Second for 15 minutes
    5 wins - 5x Scroll of Velocity - Increases Moving Speed and Jump height for 3 minutes
    6 wins - 5x Def-Upcut Stone - Adds 20% Defense for 15 minutes
    7 wins - 5x Remantis Laccotte - This delectable dish completely restores your Health Points (HP). Delicious!!
    8 wins - 5x Grilled Eel - Provides +50% HP for 15 minutes
    9 wins - 5x Upcut Stone - A Magic Stone that increases your Attack Power (ATK) by 20% for 30 minutes
    10 wins - 6x Scroll of Smelting (High) - 100% Upgrade Rate usable up to +7
    Events Magic snow and Buffer Pang are still active!
    These days you might also see Santa few times under the Christmas tree in towns with some gifts...
    Thank you for your bug reports and suggestions! ;)
    Flyff Project M team wishes you Happy Holidays and hope that you enjoy the CBT :lol:

  6. Update Second patch note Tue Dec 22, 2020 8:56 am

    Dear players,
    Here is the patch note of the 2nd corrective update for the CBT:
    - You can buy up to 9999 items (especially arrows) in same time
    - Removed refreshers and potions cooldown
    - Characters will continue to follow after using a skill (especially Heal)
    - Fixed skills casting time (especially Asmodeus)
    - Fixed posters unequipped when changing weapon
    - Possibility to trade Couple Ring
    - Fixed bank PIN input
    - All Cash Shop fashions are in the right slot now. If you can't unequip from the previous slot just equip another item and the fashion will come back to inventory
    - Fixed player's level not updating in target information window
    - Some translation fixes
    If you still encounter issues please make sure you patch the game by clearing the cache or using PLAY button on website.
    Thank you for your support and enthusiasm! ;)

  7. Update Important CBT announcement Mon Dec 21, 2020 10:15 am

    Dear players,
    The Closed Beta Test server will close on Wednesday 30th December 2020, 16:00 UTC.
    Today we will restart the server to add a 2nd channel with PK system enabled. ;)
    From that point dual account will be allowed until end of CBT.
    You can now enjoy a winter version of Madrigal to celebrate end year holidays! $-)
    Thank you for all your bug reports and suggestions! :D

  8. Shop CBT Cash Shop first rotation Sun Dec 20, 2020 7:39 pm

    CBT Cash Shop rotation! :D What is new?
    Scroll of Expansion - Recovery becomes possible in any situation for, including combat, for 15 Min
    Activition - Provides unlimited Action Slot skills for a limited time
    Torch of Isilrute - When activated, allows you to view the map of all dungeons for 7 days
    Font Editor - Color your chat message! Just highlight your text and right click with your mouse!
    Blessing of Party Leader - x2 Party Exp (only Party Leader can use) for 2 hours
    Scroll of Selected Party - Upgrade Party Level to 10
    Couple Ring - Put your name on the ring and give it to your sweetheart!
    Country flag cloaks, new pets, new flying items, new fashions parts and sets!
    Enhanced Party Skill Range left us for a while.
    Notice: we will fix trade of Couple Ring, do not delete the item. Be careful with English translation some gender indications (M/F) seems wrong. Check the preview before buying.
    Reminder: You cannot spend real money during the beta test. You get free 3000 CASH currency every 24 hours in Flyff Shop to frequently test premium items. Please notice available items and prices are completely set up for testing. It will differ from official release.
    The purpose is to check that the game is working fine, find bugs and get players feedback. Once the beta test is finished we will delete your characters. Do not sell/buy anything about the game for real money.
    See you soon for some Christmas events! ;)

  9. Update First patch note Fri Dec 18, 2020 11:19 am

    Hello! It has been 3 days that the Closed Beta Test server opened and it is time to write a patch note. :)
    - Increased Venel Guardian, collect monsters and quest items spawns.
    - Venel Guardian is weaker so everyone can complete lvl 60 job change quest.
    - Items from CBT Cash Shop cannot be sold to NPCs anymore.
    - Fixed Ivillis Dungeon missing quest items on the ground.
    - Fixed Hachal and Dr.Estern dialogs so you can complete their quests.
    - Fixed lvl 26~40 monsters dropping only Acrobat M gear.
    - Removed 'Script error.' popups from client.
    - Increased client memory to avoid abort(OOM) fatal errors.
    - Assist skill Stonehand can be used with both knuckles and sticks.
    - Added missing boots to Saint Morning and Darkon shops.
    - Receiving a private message does not focus keyboard to the message window anymore.
    - Sending a private message to an offline person shows its name instead of ID.
    - Cannot try to upgrade skill level if there is 1 skill point remaining and the skill requires 2 or 3 skill points.
    - Removed unused Repair menu from NPCs.
    - Tried to adjust party experience distribution but not sure it is already working fine.
    - Fixed server crash relative to network.
    - Fixed server crash relative to player leaving a guild.

  10. Event Events for first days of CBT! Tue Dec 15, 2020 2:39 pm

    Events for first days of CBT! :o
    Magic snow - x1.5 exp when it is snowing or there are storms!
    Buffer Pang - Pang will randomly appear all around Madrigal to offer 1 hour of level 5/6 buffs to players level 30 or less! There are 2 Pangs in Flaris and 2 Pangs in Saint Morning. They will change of location every 30 minutes. Help each other to spot them! :pang:
    See you later for more events! ;)